The museum of George washington

For this project, I wanted to create a visual brand for a place that I would like to see exist someday. This summer I was captivated by Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow and had the opportunity to visit the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. I was deeply inspired and couldn’t help but think that an entire museum should be dedicated to George Washington (he is my history crush, after all!)

Brand Objective

The objective of this museum is to teach the public about George Washington, a man who everyone thinks they know, yet few truly understand. The museum will move chronologically through his life from his childhood at Ferry Farm to his last years at Mount Vernon. The museum will also cover his legacy and how he has been viewed throughout the years since his death. It will be located in Washington D.C. near his home state of Virginia and beloved Mount Vernon.

Target Audience

The target audience consists of a variety of groups. One main group are senior citizens. They often organize bus trips to historic locations and museums (I had the pleasure of accompanying my grandma on one of her ladies bus trips this summer!). These seniors would most likely live in the greater D.C. area. Another large group are school children who will visit the museum on field trips. Others who visit may be young families looking for a day’s amusement or tourists who are curious about Washington and American history.

Design Objective

My main goal for this brand was sophistication. I wanted to create something that would reflect the intelligence and honor of this founding father. Although Washington lived in the 18th Century, I wanted the brand to be clean and modern. The contemporary brand represents his relevance today while also attracting the eye of the 21st Century viewer. The simplicity of the logo will be a nod to the facade that Washington maintained with his acquaintances, hiding away a deeply emotional and passionate man. The museum itself will reveal his true identity.